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Google Answers is no more

Google will disable the adding of new questions to Google Answers this week

Google has announced via the Google Blog today that it is to close down its Google Answers service.

Without giving any clear reasons, Google will disable the adding of new questions to the site this week, and will stop accepting new answers to old questions by the year's end.

Instead of detailing exactly why the service is being shut down, the blog highlights some of the more wacky questions that have been answered over the years.

"Google Answers taught us exactly how many tyrannosaurs are in a gallon of gasoline , why flies survive a good microwaving , and why you really shouldn't drink water emitted by your air conditioner . Even closer to home, we learned one afternoon that our building might be on fire ."


So from beginning of play for 2007, the Google Answers site will be frozen. You'll still be able to view old Q&A sessions on the site, but no more user interaction will be possible.

In a totally different aproach, Google rival Yahoo is forging ahead with its own Yahoo Answers site and is slowly beginning to integrate it into its search engine results.