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Virgin Media announces 7.2Mbps mobile broadband

Virgin's mobile dongle - now coming in 7.2Mbps flavour
Virgin's mobile dongle - now coming in 7.2Mbps flavour

Virgin Media has announced its new high-speed mobile broadband service – offering 7.2Mbps through a USB dongle.

The company's 3.6Mbps service has proven to be a success, prompting a new higher speed service.

Flexible one-month rolling or 18-month contracts are available, and Virgin Media's makes a point of suggesting that it is ideal for use with the BBC iPlayer, YouTube or downloading, so presumably the network can take a bit of a pummelling!


Of course, you should perhaps bear in mind that the packages come with either 1GB or 3GB limits - so don't watch or download too much inside a month.

Graeme Oxby, Executive Director of Mobile at Virgin Media said: "We're thrilled to be offering this faster mobile broadband to our users.

"If you're not at home or near a wireless connection, mobile broadband is the best way of staying connected on the move and we're delighted to be making this a speedier, more pleasant experience for our customers."