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Mark Zuckerberg is top user on Google+

Google+ - now with added Zuck
Google+ - now with added Zuck

Google+, the new social network by the search giant, had a soft launch last week but while most of the world still isn't up to speed with what Google+ is about, Mark Zuckerberg has already gotten himself more followers than anyone else.

Not content with being the dominant figure in Facebook, Zuckerberg's Google+ account now has nearly 30,000 followers – which is well up on Larry Page's (near) 20,000.

But spare a thought for Tom Anderson (the founder of MySpace), as he has only managed to bag just over 4,700 followers.

I make things

Interestingly, Zuckerberg seems to be very much a voyeur on Google+ - he hasn't actually posted anything on his page.

He does tell us that he is male and lives in Palo Alto in his about section, though. In his intro, he's rather understated with the statement: "I make things."

If you want to check out those who have the most followers on Google+, then is a good place to look – although the numbers do look like they need some updating.

Zuckerberg and co are set to launch a video chat rival to Google+ 6 July, with rumour that it will finally partner with Skype for the service.

Via Cnet