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Google planning assault on casual gaming market

Labpixies bought out by Google
Labpixies bought out by Google

Google has clearly seen the trend in today's workforce for slacking off, and has bought gaming firm Labpixies to take advantage.

One of the first names to get involved with iGoogle at conception, Labpixies has created such time-destroying games as Flood-it.

There's very little information on why Google has decided this company should become one of its web harem, but we can only assume it falls into the realms of 'spend more time on Google, Google makes cash'.

So good, we bought the company

Here's what the official blog has to say about acquiring the company it has worked closely with to create a few collaborative games:

"Recently, we decided that we could do more if we were part of the same team, and as such, we're thrilled to announce the acquisition of Labpixies.

"We are looking forward to working with Labpixies to develop great web apps and leverage their knowledge and expertise to help developers and improve the ecosystem overall."