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Google allows custom backgrounds in Gmail

Gmail adds custom background

Google has offered Gmail users the chance to customise their email background with their favourite photos, the company revealed on its blog on Thursday.

The new functionality offers images from your Google Picasa account or uploads from your hard-drive.

It's easy enough to perform too. Head to Settings > Themes > Create your own theme > Select your own background images. Select a Picasa image or upload your own and then save the changes.


The update is an improvement on the Gmail themes interface became available earlier this year as now you can keep the theme the same and just change the background image.

This way you don't have to worry about the readability of your emails suffering when a nice photo of the countryside turns everything an annoying shade of green. In this case, everything just stays the same colour.

If you so desire you can use the custom theme creator to select your own colours, giving Gmail a completely personal flavour.

Beware though, it might take a bit of experimentation to find a format you enjoy and, like us, you may end up going back to the basic view in a hurry.