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BPI sends 'cease and desist' order to Google

Google receives its music marching orders
Google receives its music marching orders

The BPI is taking on Google in the fight for banishing illegal downloads, sending a cease-and-desist order to the search giant.

BPI's music woes centre on a number of 'one-click' upload sites which offer illegal downloads of music. The sites include Megaupload, Mediafire, 4shared and Sendspace.

In all there are nine infringing websites named in the order – which has been posted online by Chilling Effects – and myriad search queries and URLS which lead to copyright infringed files.

Link bait

Illegal file-sharing has been in the news recently due to record labels successfully suing LimeWire for copyright infringement.

The BPI is hoping that Google will take down the offending links, which actually come up in Google's predictive search pane.

Speaking to CNET about the order, the BPI explained: "In most cases, Google takes down the links in question, following its own internal procedures."

There has been no word from Google as to whether it will comply with the BPI's demands.