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Android Market refreshed to make app finding easier

Android Market given a makeover
Android Market given a makeoverAndroid

Google has given its Android Market service something of a refresh, with a number of new features added to the homepage.

Most of the changes are cosmetic but they are all geared towards making apps easier to find on the Market – something which is much needed.

To make the discovery of apps easier there is now a better-looking top app chart, as well as an editor's choice category.

As well as Top Paid and Top Free charts, there are now Top New Paid and Top New Free charts, which give the newer applications a chance to be in the limelight.

Market makeover

All of these updates were announced at the Google I/O conference and are live now at

Alongside these constantly updated lists is a little bit of human editorial in the form of an editor's choice. Here a selection of apps are given their own separate showcase page.

And last but not least is a Trending Apps section. The vocabulary may have been half-inched from Twitter, but it is good to see what apps are popular on any given day.

Many of these updates have been on the Apple App Store for some time now, but it is good to see Google making their Android rival look that bit more polished.