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HTC's Viveport app store is adding support for Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

HTC is adding Oculus Rift support to its Viveport app store. Developers can choose to mark their games as Rift-compatible from today, and Rift owners will be able to start using the service from September 4. 

Viveport currently offers around 1,500 games and VR experiences for HTC Vive headsets – 500 of which are available via a Viveport subscription service that lets users play five a month to play for a flat monthly fee. That makes it a very tempting prospect for Oculus owners, who currently have no such service.

The change also gives developers an incentive to adapt more of their titles for Oculus Rift. “By adding support for Oculus Rift, we’re doubling the potential user base for Viveport developers,” said Viveport's president Rikard Steibe.

Not sure whether to take the plunge? Viveport also offers a generous free trial, so if you have a Rift and aren't sure whether to commit, you can grab five titles free of charge for 14 days.