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Google Home UK release date and price could be unveiled on March 28

Google Home, the search giant's answer to Amazon Echo, could get an official UK release date and price in the coming days with the company sending out invites for a March 28 event.

It won't go on sale on that date, with Google already confirming it will arrive in June, but we'll hopefully learn the exact day as well as how much it will cost.

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The invite reads "We'd love you to meet the newest members of our family. Come to ours for a very special breakfast on 28th March." While there's no guarantee the smart home assistant is on the cards, the wording does hint at a focus on inside the home.

Home has been available in the US since November 2016, and Brits have been yearning for a slice of Google home automation with Amazon's Echo quickly dominating the market.

Late home?

Has Google left it too late to enter the UK? Amazon's Alexa assistant on its Echo and Echo Dot devices has caused quite a stir and is proving popular among consumers.

Google Home uses Google Assistant, the smart AI which can be found in more recent Android phones such as the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, which will learn from you and understand contextual conversations.

We will be at Google's event to bring you all the latest about Google Home, if that is indeed what we'll see.