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Google Home gets location-based reminders

Google has added location-based reminders to its Google Home speakers, giving them another smart edge over Amazon’s Echo products. 

Google announced this upgrade on Twitter. It says you can tell your Google Home “Hey Google, set a reminder to pick up more coffee at the grocery store”, and you’ll get an alert on your phone when you reach the supermarket.

Pretty neat, right? Soon the only thing we’ll need to remember are the 400 passwords for all our logins. 

Google Power

Google wrote about its plans for location-based reminders in late February 2018 in a blog post. Just three weeks later, it’s here. 

What we don’t know yet is how versatile and reliable these reminders will be. We haven’t had a chance to test location reminders yet. 

However, it demonstrates the power of cross-pollination of Google services. Having Google Maps and Assistant baked into Android phones makes this, theoretically, less of a technical challenge than it would be for Amazon Alexa.