Christmas gift ideas: top Christmas gifts for 2014

A coffee maker for the start of the day, a robot vacuum cleaner which cleans throughout the day, and a fridge to chill the wine for the end of the day - plus gadgets to make the daily commute more pleasurable.

Gadgets for the home

Belkin Chef Stand - £15

Belkin Chef Stand

This handy stand is a must-have for budding chefs who like to use online recipes to cook up some magic. You can perch your tablet on the stand and then use the included wand to browse the touchscreen, without splashing ingredients all over it.

iRobot Roomba 660 - £365

iRobot Roomba 660

Imagine never having to vacuum again. No, it's not the stuff of dreams - it's reality! The Roomba is your personal robotic vacuum cleaner, which tidies your home for you, going underneath furniture as it cleans. It even returns to its base when the battery is low.

Herman Miller Sayl - £320

Herman Miller Sayl

The Sayl is designed to resemble a suspension bridge and can quite comfortably hold a person's weight. The suspension design at the back supports you in all the right places, while the mesh panel keeps you nice and cool.

Logitech Harmony Touch - £135

Harmony Plus

Home is a happier place when you have a lounge full of tech - so a remote that can manage everything, such as this Logitech Harmony Touch, is a must-have. It has a touchscreen, which enables you to swipe to change controls and more.

Nest Learning Thermostat - £248

Nest Learning Thermostat

Home temperature control has never looked so good. The Nest thermostat sits on your wall and lets you easily adjust the temperature of your home. Nest also learns your ideal conditions and there's a Nest app to control it remotely.

Dyson Hot + Cool - £350

Dyson Hot + Cool

Dyson kit is a home gadgetlover's dream, and the company's latest offering is this modern bladeless fan. It churns out both hot and cold air, so you can use it to micro-manage your home's temperature with ease.

Fitbit Aria - £99

Fitbit Aria

For weight watchers, these Wi-Fi scales from Fitbit are the easy way to manage your diet. Every time you step on the scales, they automatically log your weight, BMI and body fat percentage.

Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker - £39

Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker

While this coffee maker might not be brimming with electronic bells and whistles, its designed purely to provide great-tasting coffee, using a vacuum brewing process. And thanks to the Pebo's clear bowls, you get to see the action as it happens.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer - £430

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

The Artisan can mix cake ingredients, grind meat, prepare pasta and more. It has a 10-speed motor, and you can easily swap the main attachment with a range of accessories for other duties, such as making ice cream.

Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder - £85

Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

The Bistro electric coffee grinder enables you to grind exactly the amount of coffee you want, and in exactly the way you like. It even has a glass catcher, so you don't have to worry about spillage.

Dyson DC59 - £350

Dyson DC59

Dirt has no place in the kitchen, and a handheld device such as the DC59 is the convenient way to keep things clean. It packs the same sort of punch as a regular vacuum, and will keep going on a single charge for 20 minutes.

Samsung Smart Fridge - £2,100

Samsung Smart Fridge

This has to be the ultimate in kitchen gadgets: a fridge that has a 10-inch touchscreen PC with apps built-in, so you can look at recipes, show off photos, check out what's happening on your calendar, and leave notes. You can also specify when food in your fridge expires, so you get a reminder when the date is near.

Roberts Revival Blutune - £200

Roberts Revival Blutune

This DAB radio takes the retrostyled Revival model and adds Bluetooth audio streaming via your tablet or smartphone. It can also be unplugged from the mains for up to 120 hours on a single battery charge.

Magimix Vision 2-Slice Toaster - £130

Magimix Vision 2-Slice Toaster

If you have a habit of burning toast, this could be the perfect gadget for you. The Magimix Vision toaster has glass panels either side, so you can keep an eye on your toast.

Hurom HU-100W - £290

Hurom HU-100W

While regular juicing can be time-consuming, this machine can squeeze the juice from your favourite fruits and vegetables in no time at all - and with no effort. The HU-100W also uses slow-juicing technology, meaning it extracts not only the maximum juice from food, but also the full nutritional benefit.

Simplehuman Sensor Recycler - £250

Simplehuman Sensor Recycler

The Simplehuman sensor bin does away with pedals and buttons, so there's no touching - wave your hand over the lid to open it, then it closes itself after. The lid operation adjusts to the task at hand, so if you're changing the bag, it detects this and stays open longer. A regular version without recycler is also available.

Chef Sleeve Cutting Board with iPad Stand - £70

Chef Sleeve Cutting Board with iPad Stand

It's amazing nobody came up with this idea sooner - a cutting board with an iPad stand built-in, so you can watch recipes on your device while you prepare the ingredients on the board. It also has a groove to prevent juice from invading your iPad.

Cuisinart Soup Maker - £130

Cuisinart Soup Maker

Making soup at home normally involves numerous procedures and a variety of kitchen equipment, but the Cuisinart Soup Maker takes all those things out of the equation with a single device to do the lot. The Soup Maker blends the ingredients, cooks the resultant mix and then simmers it, even stirring it on occasion, until it's reached soup perfection.

Magimix Le Mini Plus - £140

Magimix Le Mini Plus

When preparing a meal, you could chop all the ingredients by hand, or you could just get yourself a minichopper, such as this Magimix Le Mini Plus, and let the machine do all the hard work for you. It's big enough to chop a variety of ingredients in seconds, but it's still small enough to fit into a variety of dinky home spaces.

SousVide Supreme Demi - £250

SousVide SUpreme

Sous vide is French for "under vacuum" and it's a method of cooking food really slowly - great for when you want to make meat really tender without burning it to a crisp.

The SousVide Supreme Demi enables you to cook food in this way in your own kitchen. Simply wrap meat in a vacuum-sealed pouch, drop it in the water contained in the SousVide Supreme, and push a button to start the slow cooking process.

Sodastream Source - £110

Sodastream Source

If you're fed up with shelling out on fizzy drinks for the kids, your kitchen needs its own Sodastream for making bottles of pop on command.

This version, the Sodastream Source, is designed by Yves Behar, and will go nicely with any modern kitchen. Simply choose your level of fizz - made easy with the Source's LED indicator - and add your flavour. Your drink will be ready in just 30 seconds.

Gadgets for commuters

Smart ebike - £2,495

Smart Ebike

The revolutionary Smart ebike is a commuter's dream. It's an electrically powered cycle, which gives you up to 62 miles of range and a 15mph top speed. You can even dock your smartphone and charge it up as you ride into work.

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Spidermonkey - £40


Commuters often need a range of gadgets for their journey, and the Spidermonkey is great for charging a variety of devices all at once. It's also compatible with a mains adapter or a portable charger, so you needn't worry about feeling powerless again.

Senz Smart - £25

Senz smart

It might look like a stealth aircraft, but the Senz Smart umbrella has been designed to withstand winds of up 50mph. Its sleek design comes in a range of stealthy colours - or red. Keeping dry has never looked so good.

TomTom Via - £134

Tomtom via

Every motorist needs sat nav these days, and the Via does a great job of guiding you to work - or anywhere else - safely. With built-in voice commands, it can help you avoid congestion and even spot those pesky speed cameras.

Pure Move 2500 - £86

Pure Move 2500

The Pure Move 2500 comes with everything you need to listen to digital (DAB) music on the move. A rotary dial makes it easy to quickly switch stations and you can block out that noisy commute thanks to noise-isolating headphones.

Halo Belt - £40

Halo Belt

Cyclists rejoice - the Halo Belt fits around your body and makes you visible from miles away, thanks to its bright LED strip. It can even be worn as a regular belt and is available in four, sci-fi-tastic colours.

Handpresso Auto ESE - £138


Skipping your morning coffee may save you time, but it's a drowsy disaster waiting to happen. Instead of getting up earlier, get your caffeine fix by using the Handpresso - just add water and heat it up with your car's power adapter.

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