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Shield is coming to the UK, says Nvidia

Shield is coming to the UK, says Nvidia
PC gaming on the go (sort of)

Nvidia's Shield handheld game console has been bumbling along in the US for several months now, but over in the UK we were starting to give up hope of ever seeing the damn thing.

However Nvidia has told TechRadar that we can definitely expect to see the portable console in Britain - it's just a matter of getting something in the calendar.

"It will come," said Nvidia's director of corporate communications, Luciano Alibrandi. "It's just a question of when."

Agents of Shield

While he wouldn't give us any specifics on how well the device had sold so far, he told us that the Shield has been primarily popular among Geforce users in the US.

Shield might not be the portable device to change the world, but its Gamestream service, which lets you stream demanding games from your PC to the portable, has definitely impressed.

Now that Nvidia has rolled out its Geforce GTX 750 and 750 Ti GPUs, it would be a good time for more of the world to get their fingers on Shield.