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Hackers hit Sony PlayStation site

US PlayStation website compromised by hackers
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The official US Sony PlayStation website has been compromised by hackers attempting to socially engineer credit card numbers and other personal data from gamers.

The US PlayStation site was hit with some unauthorised code on pages promoting PlayStation games SingStar Pop and God of War according to IT security and control firm Sophos.

Dodgy pretend virus

The malware runs a fake antivirus scan on the users computer and then urges the user to purchase a dodgy anti-virus product to solve the apparent 'problem'.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos claims that: "There are millions of video game lovers around the world, many of whom will visit Sony's PlayStation website regularly to find out more about the latest console games."

Malicious code alert

Cluley added: "Most would never expect that surfing a website like this could potentially infect them with Malware…It is essential that all websites, especially high profile ones like this, have been properly hardened to prevent hackers from injecting malicious code into legitimate web pages."

For more on the hacked Sony PlayStation website problem, including images of the pretend virus warning, you can check out Sophos' website right here.