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Sony announces PlayStation Network Play promotion

PSN gets promoting
PSN gets promoting

Sony has unveiled a new promotion on the PlayStation Network, where gamers will be rewarded if they buy four featured games from the service.

In a bid to win back customer loyalty after the debacle that was the hacking scandal, the PlayStation Network Play promotion offers up four games for purchase – and if all of them are bought, then users will automatically receive a free game.

The promotion is on until 20 September and the first title up on the Play promo is Street Fighter III. Three more titles (The Baconing, BloodRayne: The Betrayal and Renegade Ops) will be released over the four weeks and if you collect them all, then you will get PayDay: The Heist for free.

Downloadable offers

Sony is also hoping to entice with some free downloadable content and if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you get a further 20 per cent knocked off the download prices.

Sony has revealed that this will be an annual programme so expect similar promotions to be revealed after this one ends.

The promotion begins 23 August, with a new game being released each week.

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For more details, visit the PlayStation blog.