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Nintendo Wii 2 'Project Café' prototype video leaks

Touchscreen controller coming to Wii 2?
Touchscreen controller coming to Wii 2?
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A video purported to show a prototype of the Nintendo's Wii 2 follow up, codenamed Project Café, has surfaced, giving a glimpse at a prototype console.

It seems that an anonymous 'video games editor' recorded an internal presentation of the as-yet unreleased console, which many are expecting to make its debut at E3 2011.

As well as the small, silver box which could be a prototype console, you can also see technical diagrams which offer a look at what may be a touchscreen controller.


While the controller design seems a bit more Xbox than Wii, it shows a small colour screen nestled between the left and right hand D-pads.

There's no real indication that this will be touch-sensitive, but a the very least it could display status information or alternative camera angles to what's shown on screen.

Nintendo has described the video as "purely rumour and speculation"; but if it is a fake, it's a pretty darn good one.

From VG247

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