Galaxy Watch is almost certainly the name of Samsung's next smartwatch


Rumors and leaks about the next smartwatch from Samsung have been coming in thick and fast for the last few weeks, but the latest evidence of its existence all but confirms the name and that it will support LTE.

So far we haven't been certain on the new name for the watch, with Samsung Gear S4 being the originally rumored name. Now - thanks to a listing from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - we're almost certain it's called the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

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Whenever a company submits a product to the FCC, it has to provide an image of the device to show where the ID number will be placed and in this diagram the watch is emblazoned with the name Samsung Galaxy Watch on the rear.

It's not necessarily going to be there when the final watch is released, but this is the first piece of evidence directly from the mouth of Samsung that its next wearable will be called Galaxy Watch.

The diagram provided to the FCC for the Samsung Galaxy Watch

The diagram provided to the FCC for the Samsung Galaxy Watch

Some clarity

All four major US wireless providers - Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint - will support LTE on the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Whether that sort of support will be adopted in other countries like the UK and Australia is currently uncertain.

The listing also confirms it will have Wi-Fi connectivity as well as revealing the size of the watch. It will have a 1.2-inch screen and the casing itself has dimensions of 51.2mm x 43.4mm. We don't currently know how thick it's going to be.

Rumors are leaning toward the watch running Tizen software rather than Google's Wear OS platform - one report said exactly that yesterday - but the FCC listing doesn't share any details on the software.

The release date is rumored for August 9 alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but it's still possible the company will wait until the end of next month to launch the watch at IFA 2018.

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