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EE's best SIM only deals just got even better...for a limited amount of time

SIM only deals
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Normally around this time of the year we're looking straight to the upcoming Black Friday event for all of our top deals. But, EE has managed to sneak in well in advance with a SIM only deal we really have to tell you about.

It actually starts with a pair off EE SIM only deals that have just come to an end. Bad news. But now, EE has gone one step further taking those already-impressive offers and making them even better. Fantastic news!

The standout offer here comes in the form of a 25GB data contract for just £20 a month. That is the best price EE has had on its SIM only deals for a while now, offering a boost in the data on what was previously available.

Or for those who laugh in the face of a 25GB data cap, EE has another option for you to consider - 50GB of data for £24 a month. Hahahahaha!

While you can get SIM only deals cheaper than this, what EE lacks in affordability it makes up for in what else it offers. You can find out more about this and see EE's two improved SIMO offers below.

If you're interested in either of the tariffs you have up until November 26 to grab them, so probably best not to delay...

These extraordinary EE SIM only deals

EE Essential SIMO Plan | 12 months | 20GB 25GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £20 per month
This deal was already excellent but then EE upped the data cap by 5GB, making it one of the best EE SIM only deals around right now. If you're looking for an EE SIM at a more affordable price tag, this is one of the best options around.View Deal

EE Essential SIMO Plan | 12 months | 50GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £25 £24 per month
The 25GB of data above not enough? With this contract you can double the data cap for just an additional £4 a month. EE has been running a limited time offer on its 50GB package for a while but with this deal it just got even cheaper.

View Deal

Why go for an EE SIM only deal?

There is one reason above all to go for EE - the speeds. As the UK's fastest 4G network, EE will be the obvious choice for anyone concerned about how fast they can stream, download, game and anything on the internet.

Beyond that, both of the above plans net you a free 6 months Apple music subscription and 3 months of the BT Sport App, getting you that extra bit of value for your money.

The ability to call via Wi-Fi, implementing data caps and gifting your data to friends and family on EE are the finishing touches on the UK's most popular network.

To see all of the network's best SIMO tariffs, head over to our dedicated EE SIM only deals guide.

What if I want a shorter term SIM only deal?

The idea of being tied in for 12 months not sitting well with you? Well don't worry, there is a huge range of flexible SIM only deals now available.

The option we would highlight above the rest is Smarty. Yes, you're not getting EE's superfast 4G speeds however you do get a 1-month rolling contract with all of its contracts.

Go with Smarty and you can get unlimited data for a grand price of just £18.75 a month. If you like the sound of this contract you will need to keep in mind that its pricing will go back up to £25 on October 22.

Or if you really want to be on EE, consult its list of flexible 1-month contracts to see which one works best for you.