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EE can now get its 4G broadband to your rural home

Mobile network EE has launched its 4G home broadband antenna, bringing a superfast internet connection to rural homes not connected by traditional cable or fibre lines.

The antenna requires someone to come and install it onto the outside of your house, and it links up to EE's Home Router inside the home to provide internet speeds of up to 100Mbps.

While 100Mbps sounds appealing, you'll be highly unlikely to see your internet speed get close to that during real world usage or most broadband deals

EE says average speeds tend to be around 30Mbps, which should still see you download a HD TV show in under two minutes, and a HD movie in just over six.

5GB free for EE phone customers

If you already have an EE pay monthly or SIM-only plan, EE will add 5GB to your phone's monthly data allowance if you sign up to its home broadband service.

EE has already trialed the service across the Cumbrian North Fells, but it's now opening it up.

Available nationwide, the antenna will set you back £100, including installation, but also requires you to sign up to one of EE's home broadband pay monthly plans that start at £35 per month.

Tap in your postcode to EE's website, and it will tell you if the antenna is the right solution for you, or if there's another option it can provide to your home.