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Sony sells 85,000 PlayTV boxes in one week

PlayTV proves popular in the UK
PlayTV proves popular in the UK

In another sign that UK consumers are really warming to the PS3 and the multitude of media capabilities it brings to the living room, Sony has announced the PS3 Freeview PVR add-on, PlayTV, has sold 85,000 units in its first week of sale.

Having gone on sale earlier in the month for £70, there was fear within the industry that the add-on would be poorly received among gamers.

But a fairly palatable price point, as well as a demo placed on the Playstation Store as well, seem to have helped boost sales.

UK only

PlayTV is currently only available on these British Isles, but should be rolled out to the rest of Europe in time for Christmas.

The PlayTV add-on uses the PS3's hard drive to record live TV in a similar way to the popular Sky+, although it only allows access to Freeview content.

However, it also allows you to stream said recorded TV to your PSP as well over the internet, which might be a draw for those looking to keep up with Corrie in the Cotswolds or Top Gear in Thailand.