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Windows 7 use finally overtakes Windows XP

Windows 7 use finally overtakes Windows XP
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There are now more people using Windows 7 than Windows XP, according to figures from the stat counters over at StatCounter.

XP has been around since 2001, having managed to weather the Vista storm which saw many users hold out for Windows 7 rather than upgrade to the newer but universally slated OS.

StatCounter asserts 40.21% of the world's desktop computers are now running Windows 7, with XP down to 38.64%.

OS wars

Windows Vista is still relatively far ahead of Mac OS X, however, with 7.22% on the Mac OS and 11.21% still running Microsoft's folly.

Although still in the world's top five operating systems, Linux accounts for less than 1% of the world's desktop OSes.

Microsoft will no doubt be hoping that a significant number of those XP and Vista users will be planning to upgrade to Windows 8 – the upcoming OS is slated for release in 2012.

Can't wait? Here's what you can look forward to when Windows 8 rolls around:

From StatCounter via WinRumors