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Google is reportedly responding to Amazon's Echo assistant with a Chirp

Google is working on its own version of Amazon Echo

Google is reportedly working on a counterpart to Amazon Echo, along with its own sound effect-based codename, "Chirp."

While rumors have been bubbling since March about a Google smart speaker, more information has spilled out confirming the project thanks to Recode.

Copying the concept of Echo - including its AI assistant, Alexa - shouldn't be trouble for Google. Several Android phones already access the company's wealth of search functions with a simple voice command.

Additionally, integration with Google's services, like Google Play Music and Google Cast, add all sorts of potential to what its own speakers can do. That said, it will also have to step up and match Alexa's ability to order pizza with a single command to be taken seriously, in our opinion.

Little else was revealed besides a codename and that it will resemble its wireless OnHub Wi-Fi router, but we might learn more during Google IO 2016 next week. The company will have a full plate this year, with the potential plans for Chrome OS, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and much more on the docket.