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Forget Discover Weekly, Spotify's new playlist finds the latest releases you'll love


If you're a Spotify user, chances are you're also a fan of the service's superb Discover Weekly playlist, which each week churns up tracks targeted to your listening habits.

Spotify has announced it is rolling out a new playlist of a similar vein, but one which focuses only on brand-new releases.

The new playlist is called Release Radar - aww shucks, flattery will get you everywhere Spotify - and aims to make sure you don't miss any new music from your favorite artists, saving you the job of staying on top of release schedules.

Tunes, tunes, tunes

Spotify already has section highlighting the new music released every Friday - Release Radar just takes out the hard work of browsing through it all.

"As your music taste evolves, so will Release Radar," says Spotify, which adds that the feature will get better the more you listen.

Release Radar is rolling out today - Spotify says you should see it in the 'New Releases' section very soon.