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Annoyingly, Shazam has ditched its Spotify integration

Annoyingly, Shazam has ditched its Spotify integration
Well... we've still got SoundHound
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One of Shazam's most useful features lets you add tagged tracks to Spotify for later listening, but that's now disappeared.

Shazam updated its free app for iOS and Android a few days ago, and users who have updated are realising that Spotify has been replaced with Deezer.

What appears to be a purely business decision is affecting UK users (and Germany, Mexico and Brazil) right now. Spotify integration is one of the most-used aspects of the Shazam app, so it's little surprise to see that forum-goers are kicking off about it.

Back soon?

A message on the Shazam support page reads: "We're currently trialling different streaming partners to see which are used by more of our users."

But, it's added, "Spotify integration (which we're currently working on to improve) may be returned at a later date."

So it sounds like there's the possibility of a Spotify and Shazam reunion in the future. We've contacted Shazam for clarification on when we might see a return.

Interestingly, we recently reported that Apple may be baking Shazam into iOS 8. If that's actually happening, it wouldn't be crazy to suggest that this all has something to do with it - especially as Apple is rumoured to be launching its own Spotify rival this year - but we'd say it's unlikely.

Via TechCrunch

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