Apple said to be prepping both a Spotify rival and an iTunes app for Android

iTunes Radio
Can Apple take on Spotify?

Apple may have iTunes and iTunes Radio, but the iPhone maker is reportedly plotting even more overtures into the music service biz.

According to sources speaking with Billboard, Apple is contemplating a new two-pronged attack on the music scene, starting with an on-demand subscription streaming service that would take on the likes of Spotify and Beats Music.

Additionally, Apple is said to be contemplating the possibility of developing an iTunes app for Android, one that would help Cupertino penetrate Google's growing hardware and software garden.

Talks with high-up label execs are reportedly in the exploratory stage, so don't look for a Spotify-rival or iTunes app to pop up in Google Play anytime soon.

Apple feels the groove ... and the pressure

The talks are an interesting turn of events for a company whose founder argued users would never subscribe for the privilege of music listening.

But times have changed since Steve Jobs was in charge, and Apple is feeling the pinch of dropping digital album and track sales.

As download revenue, where Apple once dominated, dries up, streaming service revenue is on the rise, according to two recent reports.

Streaming has seemingly sucked downloaders away from Apple, and the increasing presence of Android isn't helping. And while iTunes Radio initially had an impact on Pandora, things seemed to have steadied for the elder music service.

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