iPad Pro 2024 teardown video reveals some of Apple's internal design changes

iPad Pro 13-inch 2024 teardown
The new 13-inch iPad Pro, opened up. (Image credit: Phone Repair Guru)

You can read through our iPad Pro 13-inch (2024) review to find out just how impressed we are with Apple's latest premium-level tablet – and a newly published teardown video reveals some of the under-the-hood design changes in this model.

If you remember back to the launch of the device, Apple mentioned incorporating graphite sheets into its main housing, and using copper in the Apple logo to improve thermal performance over the previous 2022 model by nearly 20%.

The new teardown video from Phone Repair Guru (via MacRumors) includes a close up look at those alterations, as well as showing the internal shifts needed to get the front camera and Face ID components over to the right side (as you look at the screen of the iPad Pro in portrait mode).

We also see changes to the array of magnets built into the tablet: these have been moved around quite a bit to add support for the new Apple Pencil Pro and the new Magic Keyboard that were launched at the same time as the new iPad Pros.

Tear it down

The video runs to nearly nine minutes, and we get a close look at the display cables, the four stereo speakers, the front and rear camera modules, and the M4 chip responsible for running everything (complete with Apple logo).

There's also a look at the 10,209 mAh battery, which is split into two sections, and the Apple logo on the back of the tablet, with its added copper – this essentially acts as a heatsink for the M4 chip, ensuring it stays cool enough.

In the video, the tablet is described as having "pretty repairable" innards, and there's an acknowledgement of the "genius" way that Apple has packed everything in here. Remember, this is the thinnest iPad ever, at just 5.1 mm.

We'll no doubt see more teardowns like this appear as time goes on, but we're yet to see the same treatment given to the iPad Air 13-inch (2024). You'll see that both of these new models have jumped right into our best iPads guide.

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