Here’s how Apple fixed the iPad Pro 2024 to make sure ‘bendgate’ never happens again

iPad Pro 2024
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Remember the iPad’s bendgate fiasco? When Apple redesigned the iPad Pro in 2018, controversy erupted over the strength of the new tablet. Well, Apple doesn’t want a repeat of any of that, and a new interview has revealed exactly what it’s doing to strengthen the iPad Pro (2024) to ensure it remains decidedly unbroken.

In case you missed it, the 13-inch iPad Pro is the thinnest device Apple has ever made, measuring in at 5.1mm in thickness (excluding the camera bump). It’s all thanks to the tablet’s tandem OLED display that pumps out more brightness and contrast than the iPad’s previous screen, while slimming down the thickness and weight considerably.

As soon as the thinner iPad Pro was unveiled, questions arose over how durable it would be. That situation means durability is especially important, because when you spend $999 / £999 / AU$1,699 or more on a device, you don’t want it bending out of shape.

To help prevent that from ever happening, Apple exec John Ternus told interviewer Arun Maini (also known as Mrwhosetheboss on YouTube) that the company has added a metal “cowling” that covers the motherboard and runs down the center of the device. This “tremendously improves the stiffness of the product,” Ternus explained, adding that it also improves heat dissipation and cooling.

Crisis averted?

Big iPad

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No doubt some clout-chasing influencer will still decide to needlessly destroy their iPad in the unholy name of clicks and video views, and we probably shouldn’t be too surprised if they succeed. The aim of that content is to shock, not to inform, and more or less any tablet will buckle under a human being’s full exertion and determination.

The real question, though, is whether everyday, run-of-the-mill usage will result in this kind of damage. That did occasionally happen with the previous iPad Pro, and the fact that some devices apparently arrived already warped out of shape suggests there was an issue with its sturdiness.

The good news is that, with the iPad Pro’s new internal structure and strengthened chassis, Apple has taken steps to avert that kind of situation from happening again. Will it result in a tougher iPad that can stand up to bumps and bends? 

Time will tell, but we’re cautiously optimistic – with our hands-on iPad Pro (2024) review stating that "when I picked up the 11.09 x 8.48-inch device, it felt rigid – sturdy even". The new tablet is also incredibly light, which means it's "flirting with e-paper tablet territory", as our early review notes. We'll be testing it to destruction very soon to give you our final verdict on the tablet's sturdiness and overall performance.

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