Roku has another free update to make it easy to find certain shows, and it's ideal for Christmas

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One of the things that annoys me a little bit about the best streaming services is that while they go out of their way to make it easy to find content such as live sports by sticking it right there in the home screen or main navigation menu, for those of us who prefer more relaxing or practical shows we still have to hunt through the catalog. 

Roku has decided to change that by creating two brand new home screen destinations that'll make it much easier to find shows and movies about cooking, home and garden improvements.

The new destinations are called All Things Food and All Things Home, and they're rolling out to US customers over the next few weeks (there's no confirmation yet on when these will become available for UK customers) – just in time to help you with your festive feast or to help you make your home look even more amazing for the holidays.

What are All Things Home and All Things Food?

By "destinations", Roku means that the two new sections will be right there on your home screen – no matter whether you use one of the best TVs or best streaming devices – for fast access. Each one is a hub for content of all kinds, not just from Roku TV but from live and linear TV, premium subscriptions and more. It'll be a mix of promoted content and personalized recommendations that'll get even better over time.

For All Things Food, the available shows are organized into sections such as "DIY Meals", "Healthy Habits" and so on, making it much faster to find exactly what you need whether you're planning in advance or trying to tame a rumbling tummy. And All Things Home takes the same approach to home décor, DIY and gardening with sections including "Home & Garden Hits", "Home Improvement" and "Call In The Home Experts".

Roku isn't just doing this because it feels like it: in a recent survey commissioned by the firm, it found that nearly three in four streamers – some 73% – felt that it took too long for them to find new content to watch. And a further 64% of streamers said that when they were looking for something new, they'd base their search on a specific genre. The new destinations are designed to help both of those groups, and should make it much easier to get to the Great American Baking Show, Chopped and much more.

All Things Food and All Things Home are rolling out now to US customers and should be with you very soon.

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