What iPhone 6 SIM card size do I need?

iPhone 6 SIM card size

Apple's iPhone 6 was a big leap forward for the company and has stayed a design leader for years to follow - we can see why you'd be looking to go SIM only with this classic iPhone. That meant more screen at higher quality, Apple Pay and enhanced front and rear cameras.

As such, it was well loved in our iPhone 6 review. And while Apple made lots of changes to enhance this generation of iPhone it didn't change the SIM. That means the iPhone 6 uses the latest nano SIM.

What is a nano SIM card?

The humble SIM card has been serving us faithfully for years despite us hacking away at its outer shell to make it smaller and smaller. There are now four sizes going from largest to smallest: Standard SIM, Mini Sim, Micro SIM and Nano SIM.

The last one effectively does away with the plastic for pure SIM metal, making it the most space efficient of the lot. This is what you'll find most new phones use.

How do I get a nano SIM card?

To get the right sized SIM for your phone you simply need to go to your network provider. That can mean popping into a store or calling over the phone for a postal delivery. Either way you'll be told which size you need for your phone and sent either that or a triple SIM which lets you pop away the plastic edges you don't need.

This gives you the freedom to try any network and have the SIM sent to you for whatever your phone requires. Check out our guide to the best SIM only deals to find the ideal one for you.

How do I keep my old number?

If you wish to get a new SIM to fit your fresh or long-loved phone but want to keep your old number, that's fine. You can even change network and still retain those familiar old digits.

Simply call your existing network provider to get your PAC code. This will last for 30 days so in that time you need to provide it to your new network so they can activate it. In the interim you'll be on a new SIM with a different number until that updates.

This can be done right away with networks like EE saying if you submit info before 5.30pm your new SIM will have your old number at the start of the next working day. All you need to do is restart the phone and you can carry on with your old number on a new handset and network as if nothing changed. Perfect.

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