Sony KDL-40HX723 review

Edge-lit LCD with superb 2D and 3D pictures and the excellent Bravia Internet Video service

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  • Excellent Bravia Internet Video service
  • 3D and 2D picture quality
  • Multimedia support


  • Relatively high price
  • No 3D specs included
  • Minor crosstalk during dark scenes

The KDL-40HX723 has an ace up its sleeve with the potential to improve dramatically on the poor 3D efforts of the EX723 series. Motionflow XR 400 claims to deliver a processing-driven equivalent' of 400 frames per second, which ought to bode well for three-dimensional playback.

Unlike many of Sony's previous screens, the KDL-40HX723's 3D transmitter is built in, but no glasses are included with the set.

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Other key features of the KDL-40HX723 include dynamic edge LED lighting, offering a degree of local dimming to the picture's illumination, Sony's Bravia Internet Video online service and an open internet browser.

You can also use Skype via an optional camera and the TV's pictures are knocked into shape by the highest ('Pro') level version of Sony's new X-Reality processing, which is designed to improve the appearance of low-quality source material such as stuff streamed from the internet.

The only other model confirmed in the HX723 range at the moment is the 46-inch KDL-46HX723. For other Sony choices you're looking at the step-down NX723 series, which introduces Sony's Monolithic design concept, but only offers MotionFlow XR 200 processing. Or further up you can find the NX823 series, which among other things adds built-in Wi-Fi to the KDL-40HX723's spec sheet and a super-slim chassis.

The KDL-40HX723's design, by comparison, is less dramatic, featuring a normal raised black bezel given a little added appeal courtesy of a metallic-looking (but rather plasticky feeling) finish to the bottom edge. A slightly more heavy-duty build-quality wouldn't have gone amiss on a £1,300 40-inch TV, but the KDL-40HX723 certainly can't be considered remotely ugly.