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Google Play to offer movie downloads to own?

Google Play
Movie sales could be coming to market

Google is reportedly considering plans to sell movies via Google Play in addition to the rental options it currently offers.

According to sources of CNET, the rebranded marketplace could become home to permanent movie purchases as well as loans.

Its sources suggest that the likely move is due to pressure from Hollywood studios imposing a commitment to sales in order for Google to retain its ability to offer rentals.

The move wouldn't exactly rock the freshly-laid foundations of Google Play, and may in fact be just what some users are looking for, even as the subscription model of consumption becomes increasingly popular.

Play is the new Market, darling

Just weeks ago Google scrapped the Android Market to replace the service with a new all-in-one portal for apps, music, books and movies called Google Play.

Google Play effectively replaces Android Market, Google Music and Google eBookstore.

Back in 2010, online movie rental site Netflix bowed to pressure from studios, delaying rentals of new releases until 28 days after their release in an effort to encourage sales. Netflix didn't exactly lose out, though, as in return Warner Bros. offered up licensing rights to more of its vast catalogue of content.

We wait to see if Google Play does start offering up movies for sale, and in the meantime some of us will continue to enjoy our footloose, rental and subscription-fuelled lifestyle.