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Full HD projection from Sony

Sony projector
Sony's Bravia VPL-VW80 projector uses SXRD technology and offers hi-def resolution

Sony has launched the Full HD Bravia VPL-VW80 projector. Along with the 1920 x 1080 resolution, it boasts a rather optimistic contrast ratio of 60,000:1. Further impressive-sounding specs include a speedy 2.5ms response time and 100Hz Motionflow Dark Frame, which helps produce images that are smooth, and free from jerkiness when moving. The projector uses Sony's much-vaunted SXRD system. It's equipped with a couple of HDMI inputs along with component video for hooking up to your hi-definition kit.

What Video & Digital TV editor Jake Williams commented: "For fans of home cinema, any SXRD projector is worth a close gander, but on paper this model looks like it might raise the bar yet further. Probably best ignored if you are tightening your belt!"

It should be out within the month and while no price has been given thus far, experience tells us that this one will probably put us back at least a couple of grand.