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Sky Go removed from consoles, unless you pay extra

Sky Go removed from consoles, unless you pay extra
Sky Gone

Sky Go is a great service, allowing you to watch live TV on your laptop, mobile device or games console, but the latter won't be available for much longer.

Sky has sent customers a letter which states "from 29 July you'll no longer be able to access Sky Go using your Sky Go compatible games console."

But here's the kicker: the service isn't being removed completely from consoles. Sky expects you to stump up an extra £5 per month for its Sky Go Extra service to continue enjoying what you used to get for no additional expense on your console.

That's a bit of a kick in the teeth for anyone who frequently uses the service, especially if they're already paying for the Sports and/or Movie packages which already generate relatively high monthly subscription costs.

Sky Go Extra does provide additional functionality above console compatibility, with the ability to download shows for offline viewing and allowing you to register up to four devices to the service (it's two on standard Sky Go).

If you're a Multiscreen subscriber (formerly Multiroom) you'll already have Sky Go Extra as part of your Sky package.

The letter doesn't explain why this decision has been made, and when we contacted Sky a spokesperson told us "We will be making some changes to the way in which console users access Sky Go, and we will be writing to any customers who this affects over the coming weeks to update them."