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Sharp announces glut of massive TVs

Sharp announces glut of massive TVs
The Aquos range... and it's AQUA! Geddit?

Sharp has gone crazy in the massive TV game, launching multiple 60-inch-plus models as part of its Aquos 6-, 7- and 8 series at CES 2013.

The headliner is the large 90-inch LED TV, which it believes is the largest in the world. With a 90-inch diagonal screen measurement the set is a whopping 4 feet tall and 6 feet seven inches wide, yet is 'relatively' light and thin, according to Sharp.

The 7- and 8-series of TVs will feature Sharp's Quattron technology, which adds a yellow pixel to the traditional red-green-blue formation. On top of this, the 8-series is set to be super bright with the addition of... Super Bright technology which has intelligent tuning to improve your picture, as it constantly assesses the image to give the best view possible.

All three ranges will be dubbed as 'smart' thanks to the dual-core processor, web browser and inbuilt Wi-Fi, which means internet, Netflix and all the usual smart TV gubbins will be on offer. Sharp Beam is included too, which means that you can send content to and from iOS or Android smartphones via a free app.

It's all about being active

Of the new TVs, 11 will feature full HD active technology, which Sharp claims will deliver twice the resolution of its passive cousins. The interesting addition is the use of Bluetooth to connect the glasses in order to minimise interference.

Prices and release dates have been announced for the 6-, 7- and 8-series, so pay attention:

For the 8 series, the smallest is coming in March for $3000, and the 7- and 8-series landing in April for the price of $4000 and $6500 respectively.

For the 7-series, it's a variety of choices – the first arrives in February (LC-60LE755) and costs $2200, with the latest coming in April with a top price of $6000 for the 80-inch model.

And for the 6 series: teh 60-inch lands in March for $1800 (which is also active 3D) and the latest comes in May, which is the non-3D 80-inch model, for $5000.

We've sadly no word on any other release dates or prices globally, nor any information on that massive TV either, but fingers crossed all that appears soon.

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