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Humax TV Portal: UK release date January 2011

Humax's TV Portal - coming in January
Humax's TV Portal - coming in January
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Update: we've now tested the Humax TV Portal - Hands on: Humax TV Portal review

Humax has announced that its much delayed web portal will be coming to its current crop of Freeview HD boxes.

Those who have a Freeview HD HDR-Fox T2 or the company's Freeview HD receiver will be able to get the portal via an over-the-air update that's set to land in the UK in January.

Humax has been promising a web portal for its Freeview HD boxes for the best part of the year now.

It announced back in April that it would be getting Sky Player but it has taken until now to get the greenlight on the app.

Although Humax isn't the first to get the Sky Player app – Fetch TV beat them to it – it did note that Sky is seeing Humax as the first 'popular' set top to get the access.

TV services

Alongside Sky Player, you will also be able to get iPlayer through the portal and YouTube.

Humax noted that, unlike the current PS3 app, the iPlayer within the portal will offer up high-quality streaming.

YouTube will also be on board, as will, strangely, Wikipedia. The portal will also have something called Humax Support, which is an online FAQ for Humax boxes.

When questioned about the lack of a movie streaming service on the site, a Humax spokesperson did explain that Sky Player has ample movies but "there is space for more services to be added".

The Humax TV Portal has a UK release date of January 2011.

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