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Will your software handle Windows Vista?

Make sure to check that your installed software will be compatible with Vista before upgrading

As we wrote in our Windows Vista countdown yesterday, now is really the time to check whether your computer will cope with Microsoft's new operating system. With only five days to go until the official launch, it's high time to get on the Windows Vista case...

Today we turn to the software on your machine. You don't want to rush out and buy a copy of Windows Vista when it's launched next Tuesday, only to find that the software you've carefully installed - including necessities such as your computer's firewall, and anti-virus protection - won't work after upgrading.

A Wikipedia entry listing software that will or won't work with Windows Vista has been compiled, so make sure to check it before installing anything on your computer. The various software applications are listed in alphabetical order so just find the one you're after, and make sure to look for the correct version/ build number to avoid confusion.

There's also a handy list of hardware compatibilities including graphics cards, motherboards, TV tuner cards and so on.

Now, are you ready for Windows Vista?