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Amazon Kindle Lending Library goes live in the UK

Amazon Kindle Lending Library gets UK release date
Lend us a book, will you?

Amazon Prime members in the UK can now borrow a Kindle book a month, library-style.

Launching today alongside the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Owners' Lending Library feature is available to Amazon Prime card-holding Kindle owners.

Over 200,000 books are available to choose from – enough to keep you going for over 16,500 years as you can only borrow one book a month.


While the lending service is listed as 'free', it will set you back the price of a Kindle (starting at £69) and an Amazon Prime membership (£49 a year).

As well as the UK, the lending service is coming to France and Germany this month; the US have already been borrowing books since November 2011.

The Library-service launches alongside the Kindle Paperwhite which has just gone on sale in the UK.