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You can now control Netflix from your wrist

The power of Netflix in the palm of... well, on your wrist
Watch Netflix's House of Cards on your smartwatch!

The latest Netflix update for Android devices brings a number of new features, the most exciting of which is Android Wear integration.

This allows you to control playback of TV shows and movies via your Android-Wear equipped smartwatch, which could make watching Netflix even more convenient.

While Netflix says the update will let you "watch, thank, play, or get more details on the show", we should point out that you can't actually watch Netflix on your wrist. That would just be silly.

Social viewing

The update also brings the Social Recommendation feature to the Android Netflix app. This feature is already available on the Netflix website, iPad, iPhone, PS3 and Xbox, and allows you to easily recommend shows to your friends and family.

If one of your friends sends a recommendation a push notification on your Android or Android Wear device will appear, allowing you to watch, get more information about the show or thank your friend for the recommendation.