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Apps for Android Wear are available now for free

Apps for Android Wear are available now for free
The Moto 360 looks like a watch, at least until you start running all these new apps on it.

Following a false start a couple of days ago, apps for Android Wear are now officially available from Google Play.

So far there are only around 20 (depending on the region you're in), several of which are standard Google things like Maps and Hangouts, but there are several other big name offerings, such as Pinterest and The Guardian.

Cooking up some apps

More are sure to follow soon, but in the meantime if you've already got an Android Wear device you can now sync recipes to your phone with Allthecooks Recipes, get gig alerts with Bandsintown Concerts and a whole lot more.

If you're not sure if it's worth jumping on board stay tuned, as we'll bring you reviews of all the key Android Wear hardware as soon as physically possible, though if you believe that watches should be round you might want to wait for the Moto 360 in any case.

  • The LG G Watch is one of the first Android Wear devices you can get your hands on.