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Google watch to get a heavy dose of Google Now?

Google watch
Is Google Now revealing all its cards for smartwatch?

The Google watch, codename Gem, is reportedly set for a same-day reveal as the October 31 Android 4.4 KitKat launch, and a new feature for the unannounced smartwatch may have just surfaced.

9to5Google claims sources have provided info that Google Now will lie at the heart of the Google watch.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Gear you'll probably need a compatible phone for the little Gem to work - in this case a phone with Google Now.

This could be any handset running a high enough Android OS, similar to the Sony Smartwatch 2 which isn't tethered to a specific Sony phone for it to work and instead relies on devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above.

OK Google, what can my watch do?

If Google Now is the watch's main function hub, you can readily talk to your Gem. Perhaps it will take after the Moto X, acting as another always-listening device. Spooky.

You could potentially use your wrist to vocally find out the weather, check emails, texts and so forth.

With KitKat and Google Now coursing inside the watch, Google may have a decent contender to fight with the likes of Samsung and Sony.

  • Could we see the Nexus 5 as a compatible Google watch soulmate?