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Google Glass 2 is already on its way

Will the Google Glass that hits the market actually be more enhanced than the Explorer edition we're seeing at the moment? It's a solid theory, and might be backed by word from Google that it's already working on the next generation of Glass.

Glass isn't set to launch until next year but according to Technology Review, Mary Lou Jepsen, head of Display Division at the Google X lab, said that she and the team are busy working on preparing the next step.

Jepsen spilled the beans at a MIT's EmTech conference, telling the audience that the team was "maybe sleeping three hours a night to bring the technology forward."

What's (s)he building in there?

She also said that we may see what they're working on next year. Wait, the same year that Google Glass is suppose to be made available? Hmmm.

We actually saw hints of a new Google Glass earlier this year when a patent surfaced pointing to a product that was designed more like an actual pair of glasses.

Before then we're expecting Google's smartwatch to touch down and we reckon it might be getting a heavy dose of Google Now.

Meanwhile, get some sleep Jepsen.