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Don't underestimate Apple on Pay and Watch

Apple Pay - a tipping point in retail?
Apple Pay - a tipping point in retail?

The announcement at Apple's big event that it is launching an iPhone that is NFC enabled and Apple Pay as its go-to-market payment service is a really interesting development.

Whilst NFC technology has been a feature of many Android handsets for some time, it has struggled to make a real impact, so Apple's entry in to the market gives it a significant boost and begs the question: what does Apple Pay do that other NFC payments platforms don't?

It's telling that during Tim Cook's Apple Pay speech, he made the claim that other NFC payment systems focus on the business model whilst Apple has focussed on the user experience. This is of course what Apple is brilliant at: energising markets and technologies that already exist by making them work in a way that consumers are happy to engage with.