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Quatre-G: mobile signal to hit Channel Tunnel by summer

Quatre-G: mobile signal to hit Channel Tunnel by summer
What a great time they are all having

When you're popping over to France this summer to stock up on du vin, du pain and des fromages, you'll be able to use your phone in the Channel Tunnel for the first time.

Only if you're on EE or Vodafone, though, as the rival networks will switch a 3G and 2G network on in March 2014, with EE adding 4G by summer 2014.

Strangely, the networks will only be available in the north tunnel which runs from the UK to France for now, with plans for the south tunnel to be connected at a later date.

En vacances

The Channel Tunnel runs 100m below sea level, so getting signal down there will be no mean feat for EE and Vodafone, both of which have committed to a 10-year agreement with Eurotunnel.

Stuck for ideas of what to do with your new found connectivity for the 35 minutes under the sea? EE has some suggestions: "The time underground can be spent online preparing for meetings, checking emails, planning travel routes, researching a holiday destination or watching streamed movies."

Other internet-based activities are available.

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