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Microsoft just beat Google to the 'on Tap' punch

Bing snapshots

Ever since the release of Windows 10, it seems as though Microsoft is taking its fight to all platforms.

The latest update to the Bing Android app brings a new feature Microsoft describes as 'snapshots on tap', a feature that is very similar to the Google Now on Tap feature that is set to launch with Android Marshmallow later this year.

Bing snapshots basically scans what's on your phone's screen, using the information it gathers to search and display relevant results.

Results are gathered from the Bing search engine, as well as linking to connected apps and services, with the idea that you won't need to leave your current screen to do a search on something.

Microsoft isn't being subtle about Bing being a direct competitor to Google Now on Tap, with the ability to set up Bing snapshots to replace Android's Google Now shortcut.

This means that when you swipe up on the home button in Android, Bing snapshots will be activated instead of Google Now on Tap.

You can check out Bing's snapshots in the video below: