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LG G2 just misses out on TechRadar's top mobile spot

LG G2 just misses out on TechRadar's top mobile spot
Hey, second place is great for LG

You've probably seen our 20 best mobile phones in the world article - previously topped by the HTC One.

But the launch of the LG G2 has shown that things are ready for a change, with its combination of power, excellent battery life and impressive camera giving it a real chance of stealing the top spot.

However, thanks to a plastic chassis, it couldn't match the poise of the HTC One, which manages to just cling on at the top despite a raft of other phones parachuting in.


The iPhone duo also dropped into our top 20, but the iPhone 5S couldn't even make it into the top three thanks to the now-traditional higher price, combined with a re-use of last year's chassis. It's still a great phone, but we want miles more for that cash.

And when it comes to wanting more for your money, the iPhone 5C was similarly unimpressive, bringing not a lot more than a colourful shell for a phone that costs as much as the HTC One to buy.

A special mention should go to Nokia: the phone brand may have been bought by Microsoft, but it's still got one of the top selling Windows devices in the ultra-cheap Lumia 520.

  • Check out our full run down here - we're sure you've got plenty of reasons to disagree with us, and we look forward to seeing how 2014's big players manage to shake things up at the sharp end.