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iPhone 3.1 firmware update appears already

iPhone 3.1 - the future's here already
iPhone 3.1 - the future's here already

Apple has decided that the 3.0 firmware for the iPhone and iPod touch is a bit outdated and has decided to release a new beta 3.1 version for developers.

Those of you who woke up and found that copy and paste and MMS was working (although probably after you connected it to iTunes and downloaded the update) will have worked out that a new version of the iPhone firmware has arrived.

But things weren't perfect; while new functionality was a great thing, there were still some elements that needed fixing, like the fact you couldn't edit a video and then keep the original copy.

Saving video

Well, while it's not quite known fully what the iPhone 3.1 update brings, there have been reports that a 'Save a Copy' option has appeared for the editing suite, so we can only imagine Apple has plugged a few quick fixes into the new upgrade.

It's available for all iPod touches and iPhones, although the legacy models still don't get a good chunk of the functionality.

However, access to the SDK is only available to those enrolled in the iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise Program, which costs actual money, so if you just want to dabble with 3.1 you'll have to wait for a while it seems.

Via Engadget Mobile