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HTC shifts over a million Magic phones

1 million of these little blighters sold
1 million of these little blighters sold

HTC has confirmed that it has sold over 1 million Magic handsets worldwide since its launch in April this year.

Peter Chou earlier stated that the firm would shift over one million units by this point in the year, so it's impressive that the number has been achieved amid the economic downturn.

Digitimes reports that the little snippet of information was revealed at the launch of the HTC Hero in Taiwan, when Chou also stated around 60 per cent of the mobile phone shipments in the second half of 2009 will be mid-range smartphones

Re-branded for another launch

The popularity of the Magic is unlikely to decrease rapidly in the near future either, as it has been launched in the US under the moniker of the T-Mobile myTouch G2.

It still pales in comparison to the all-conquering iPhone, which has shifted around 14 million units worldwide since its launch, although that does take into account three model launches (of which the iPhone 3G is the best selling thus far).

Via Digitimes