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Great War of China: smartphone makers are fighting for Google's next Nexus

Will the maker of the next Nexus be Chinese?

Google is still considering which manufacturer to partner with to create the next generation Nexus smartphone, and it looks like it could be spoilt for choice.

According to Digitimes, vendors including Lenovo, Xiaomi Technology, Huawei and LG have thrown their hats into the ring in a bid to work with Google.

Although some vendors, such as LG, have worked with Google on Nexus devices before, Digitimes believes that Google is likely to choose a Chinese company for its next partner.

Scaling the Great Wall

The reason for choosing a Chinese company is apparently to help Google strengthen its presence in the country, as well as develop new production partners.

Lenovo could be in the running, according to Digitimes' sources, since it has acquired Motorola from Google.

Xiaomi could also be a strong contender as its vice president of global sales is Hugo Barra, a former executive of Google.

The sources also hinted that Huawei's recent strong performance could put it in a good position when bidding to work with the search giant.

While we don't know who will be making the next Nexus smartphone with Google it does look like there's a strong possibility that it will be a Chinese manufacturer.