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Google uses mobiles to check local shop stock

Checking out the nearby stock
Checking out the nearby stock

Google has announced the full launch of its stock-checking service, where mobile phone users can see if their desired item is available.

If you're searching for a product or price comparing items, you can then click on the blue dot below telling you it's 'In Stock Nearby'.

The list of shops in your vicinity will be displayed - this will tell you whether the item is In Stock or subject to Limited Availability.

Shopping - now ridiculously easy

If you're using an iPhone, Android-enabled mobile or a Palm Pre or Pixi, the web browser will use your aGPS to work out your location (or you can manually enter it yourself).

However, this service is only available for shops like Best Buy, Sears, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, or West Elm - yep, you've got it right: only in the US for now.

But Google has offered to discuss the service with any other retailers as well - so there's every chance we could see this rolled out to the UK as well.