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Google Nexus 2 will be for businesses

Google's Nexus One - but what's next?
Google's Nexus One - but what's next?

Google's next mobile handset will be designed for businesses according to Andy Rubin.

With the Nexus One arriving in the UK soon, Google's attempt to move into hardware with an HTC-made handset has caught plenty of headlines.

But the follow-up looks set to be aimed at BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile phones rather than at iPhones, with Reuters reporting that Rubin told a Wall Street Journal event that it was looking to business next.

Rubin is the man behind Android, and an increasingly public figure with the Nexus One's arrival.

Online store

A big factor for Google around the Nexus One was to create an online store for Android handsets, and this would give it a platform for any future phones.

So what would a Google business phone bring? Aside from Android, a full keyboard seems likely, as well as the full functionality of Google's more business focused apps.

Google is putting more and more weight behind its enterprise wing – offering its online applications and support to businesses as a replacement for the traditional Microsoft Office.

Microsoft still has the lion's share of the business market, and most of the cubs' share as well, but Google seems keen to start making inroads.