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Google gives devs a voice with Play comment response

Google gives devs a voice with Play comment response
Time for devs to have your say on Google Play

Android developers will soon be able to respond to users' comments about their apps on Google Play.

While major Android devs have had this option for some time, all the signs point to Google extending the privilege to more, if not all, app makers.

"The feature originally rolled out to top developers and we're gradually expanding it to additional Google Play developers," a Google spokesperson said.

Dev dev goose

The new feature will be a welcome addition to many developers whose apps live and die by customer feedback - one bad experience can turn countless app shoppers off.

It makes sense to give developers a right to reply; it almost seems ridiculous that there has only been one-way communication since day one.

As longs as the whole thing doesn't descend into one massive flame war like, y'know, YouTube.

From Droid Life via TNW